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Nov 15, 2005
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Holiday Blues Hit Hard During the Travel Season
Consumers identify top five holiday annoyances

Long airport delays and getting lost on road trips topped the list of consumers' holiday season annoyances, according to an online poll conducted by TeleNav. In a survey of 432 consumers, TeleNav identified the top five reasons the holidays aren't always so jolly. In order from highest to lowest, respondents cited the following frustrations as ranking top on their list: 1. Long airport delays 2. Getting lost while driving in unfamiliar areas 3. Overeating, leading to weight gain 4. Visiting in-laws and annoying relatives 5. Cold, winter weather Many women also listed 'football overkill' as their top pet peeve during the holiday season with football games aired all day on Thanksgiving and Christmas. "The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, especially as more people crowd the freeways and airports," said Sal Dhanani, senior director of marketing at TeleNav. "TeleNav is trying to eliminate at least one holiday annoyance by providing affordable GPS technology to avoid getting lost or prevent arguments over directions when driving to visit relatives and friends." TeleNav, which is similar to the in-car GPS navigation systems found in luxury vehicles, but offered at a fraction of the price, just $9.99 per month. TeleNav displays maps, graphical driving cues, speed and direction, and provides audible turn-by-turn directions to help drivers get to their desired locations. For more information on how to subscribe to TeleNav go to or call 88 TELENAV 4.

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