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Mar 27, 2006
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TeleNav Offers First Combined GPS Navigation
TeleNav Treack™ "GPS Everything" Solution Helps Companies Maximize Mobile Workforce Productivity

TeleNav Inc. is now offering the TeleNav Treack GPS solution on the BlackBerry® 7520 and 7100i Wireless Handheld™ devices from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq:RIMM) (TSX:RIM) through one of the largest carriers in the nation. TeleNav Treack provides companies with a highly integrated, low-cost tracking and management solution through the BlackBerry 7520, 7100i and other GPS-enabled devices. TeleNav Treack is the first service available on the BlackBerry platform that provides real-time, combined turn-by-turn GPS navigation and tracking capabilities. The application is a simple and low-cost way to keep track of mobile resources, such as people, vehicles and products. Mobile workers are able to take advantage of the audible and visual turn-by-turn directions for working in unfamiliar locations. Managers can track the GPS location of mobile resources such as delivery trucks, work crews and service technicians. With TeleNav Treack, companies can view the current locations of field staff on a color map from anywhere Internet access is available. The service also enables companies to create and deploy customized wireless forms for many tasks, including timesheets, invoices and parts ordering. Organizations also have access to a barcode scanning feature, allowing users to monitor and catalog parts, inventory and supplies, using Bluetooth technology. "Our employees in the field are working around the clock to draw and process blood work as well as take x-rays from local medical facilities. We needed a solution that would allow our staff to drive the most effective routes and remotely process their timecards," said Mike Bautista at Diagnostic Labs. "We have deployed 340 BlackBerry units running TeleNav Treack and the service offers everything we required, such as navigation, tracking and time card reporting." "BlackBerry continues to break new barriers as the platform of choice for organizations looking to realize greater ROI from their wireless infrastructure," said Mark Guibert, Vice President Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. "Adding TeleNav Treack to the portfolio of solutions for BlackBerry allows users to increase productivity through better route planning and increased response times." "TeleNav Treack helps companies improve the productivity and efficiency of fleet managers and field service workers," said Dr. HP Jin, president and CEO of TeleNav. "By combining the latest advances in location-based services, wireless communication and Web software applications, we are revolutionizing the mobile resource management market." TeleNav Treack is a fully hosted, 100% Web-based service available at www.TeleNav . The price per phone/device starts with the TeleNav Treack Basic plan at $9.99 per month, plus a one-time $19.99 activation fee. The basic service includes GPS tracking, timesheets and location reporting. The TeleNav Treack Plus plan is priced at $12.99 per month, which adds two-way messaging. The $15.99 TeleNav Treack Enhanced plan adds barcode scanning, wireless forms and job dispatching and scheduling capabilities, and TeleNav Treack Premium is priced at $21.99 per month, which includes turn-by-turn audible and visual navigation.

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