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Oct. 25, 2006
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Cingular Provides "Direction" to Business Customers with TeleNav GPS Navigator
Real-time, Voice and On-screen Navigation System Now Available On HP iPAQ hw6920 and Other Select Business Devices

Cingular Wireless has launched its first generally available, location-based service (LBS) – TeleNav Inc.’s, TeleNav GPS Navigator™ – for its world-class roster of business and government customers. Cingular business and government customers, whether they’re driving or walking, now can get turn-by-turn voice and onscreen GPS directions directly on Cingular business devices, including the new GPS-enabled HP iPAQ hw6920 series Mobile Messenger, which was introduced today. For only $9.99 per month for unlimited use, the Cingular-enabled TeleNav GPS Navigator gives customers the ability to use their existing wireless devices for GPS navigation without having to purchase in-car or portable GPS navigation systems. “The launch of TeleNav GPS Navigator is an important first step in what will be a comprehensive portfolio of compelling and cost-effective LBS offerings for our world-class roster of business customers that we will be building over the coming months,” said Jeff Bradley, vice president, business data services, for Cingular Wireless. “Our alliance with an established leader in the LBS space like TeleNav now gives our Cingular business customers the ability to receive precise audible directions and full-color moving maps quickly, efficiently and most reliably in more places throughout the U.S. thanks to the power and reach of the nation’s largest digital wireless data network.” Features of TeleNav GPS Navigator on Cingular Wireless devices include: • Voice and onscreen turn-by-turn directions – Enter or call in your destination and TeleNav GPS Navigator computes your route. As you drive, you get up-to-the minute guidance and will automatically be re-routed if you miss a turn. Users can also preview their routes before they begin driving and specify preferences including highways and streets. • Full-Color Moving Maps (available on select phones) - See colorful maps of your current GPS location or any other address and pan and zoom the map to view the surrounding streets. • Biz Finder - Find businesses such as ATMs, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and easily navigate to them with the click of a button. Biz Finder also allows users to quickly look up and call the phone number for a business. • Fuel Finder – Save money by finding the lowest gas prices near you. • Spot Marker – Easily find your car wherever you park it such as in a large parking lot or on an unfamiliar downtown street. • Pedestrian Mode – Use TeleNav GPS Navigator while you are walking to help guide you through on long walks or through crowded downtown streets. “Location based services on wireless phones has disrupted the navigation market and created a more versatile solution for both businesses and consumers,” said Ken Hyers, principal mobile wireless analyst at ABI Research. “With the launch of TeleNav GPS Navigator, Cingular Wireless is well-positioned to take advantage of the demand for GPS navigation.” “Our team at TeleNav has years of experience developing world-class wireless GPS applications that increase convenience and create true value for consumers, businesses and government agencies,” said HP Jin, president and CEO of TeleNav. “Now, Cingular Wireless customers have easy access to an affordable solution and do not have to purchase expensive in-car navigation systems in order to experience safe and stress-free travel. Further, using TeleNav GPS Navigator in any vehicle is as easy as bringing your wireless device with you.” In addition to the GPS-enabled HP iPAQ hw6920 Series Mobile Communicator, the TeleNav GPS Navigator service is available to Cingular business customers immediately on the Cingular 8125 Pocket PC, the PalmŽ TreoŽ 650; and the GPS-enabled HP iPAQ hw6500 Series Mobile Communicator. A Bluetooth GPS receiver is required for non-GPS enabled wireless phones. Cingular is currently offering a free month trial of TeleNav GPS Navigator. Ongoing subscription to the service ranges from $5.99 per month for up to 10 trips or $9.99 a month for unlimited trips (Cingular data plan also required). The TeleNav GPS Navigator subscription includes free, automatic and ongoing map and Point of Interest (POI) content updates. Cingular Wireless business and government customers can sign up for the service and also purchase the Bluetooth GPS receiver by calling (866) 4CWS-B2B. The monthly service fee will be billed directly through Cingular and will appear on the subscriber’s monthly statement. For more information regarding TeleNav GPS Navigator on Cingular please visit or

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