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Dec. 7, 2006
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Alltel Wireless Guides Customers Through Holiday Travel with the Launch of TeleNav GPS Navigator
Launch of 3D GPS mobile navigation service provides easy-to-use, turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving directions

Little Rock, Ark. and Santa Clara, CA – Dec. 7, 2006 – Alltel Wireless customers can now throw out the printed maps and directions they typically used for holiday travel. Starting today, Alltel customers have those directions at their fingertips with the launch of TeleNav, Inc.’s TeleNav GPS Navigator™. Alltel customers can now experience the convenience and efficiency of turn-by-turn navigation via their mobile device. Initially available on the BlackBerry 8703e and the Samsung u520, TeleNav GPS Navigator provides customers with access to 3D “bird’s eye view” moving maps, voice and on-screen directions, information and directions to more than 10 million business listings (including gas prices and Wi-Fi hotspots) and pedestrian mode for use while walking. “This innovative application offers another way for our customers to control their wireless experience. We are thrilled to team with TeleNav to offer this functionality in time for the busy travel season,” said Scott Moody, director of data services for Alltel Wireless. Features of TeleNav GPS Navigator Voice and on-screen turn-by-turn directions – As you drive, you will get up-to-the minute guidance from an easily understood human voice. Receive automatic re-routing directions if you miss a turn. Users can also preview their routes before they begin driving and specify preferences including highways and streets. Biz Finder – Find businesses and services, including Wi-Fi hotspots, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, parking lots and shopping malls. Then easily navigate to them with the click of a button. Biz Finder also allows users to quickly look up and call the phone number for a business, saving money on unnecessary 411 directory calls. Fuel Finder – Save money by finding the lowest gas prices within a five-mile or wider radius. Full color moving maps – See colorful maps of specific GPS locations and pan and zoom the map to view the surrounding streets. Easy destination entry – TeleNav GPS Navigator provides three methods for address entry – preplan your trips on, type in your destinations directly into your phone using the keypad, or dictate your destination using TeleNav’s unique voice recognition address input system. Automatic map updates – Never worry about updating new map information or having to pay for updates – TeleNav provides this to its customers automatically and at no additional charge. Spot Marker – Easily find your car wherever you park it, such as in a large parking lot or on an unfamiliar downtown street. My Favorites – Save multiple addresses for easy access later. “With Alltel’s expansive wireless network and reputation of embracing advanced technologies, Alltel’s customers have come to expect the very best from their wireless service,” said Hassan Wahla, senior director of business development at TeleNav, Inc. “TeleNav is pleased to provide our latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator to Alltel customers, allowing Alltel to continue to deliver on this promise of providing only the best quality in features and services.” Customers can activate TeleNav GPS Navigator on the Alltel Wireless BlackBerry 8703e or Samsung u520 for just $9.99 per month for unlimited use or $2.99 for use during one day (daily use is only available on Samsung phone). An Alltel Wireless data plan is also required or customers can choose to use voice minutes allotted to them in their Alltel Wireless subscription agreement. To purchase TeleNav GPS Navigator, customers can download the application directly from their wireless device. An ongoing updated list of Alltel Wireless phones that support TeleNav GPS Navigator can also be found at

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