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Oct. 9, 2007
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TeleNav Track Improves Customer Care for Federated Service Solutions
Mobile GPS technology with wireless forms boosts productivity and improves communication for installers

Sunnyvale, Calif. and Farmington Hills, Mich. – October 9, 2007TeleNav, Inc. today announced that Federated Service Solutions implemented TeleNav Track, its mobile workforce management solution, to provide on-the-spot appointment details, monitor employee locations and work hours, reduce paperwork as well as improve overall customer service.

Federated Service Solutions installs technology infrastructure for companies in retail, banking and financial services. Before deploying TeleNav Track, dispatchers could only locate technicians and inform them about assignment changes by calling them. This made the business liable for the fleet’s expensive cell phone bills. Additionally, paper forms took a large amount of time to process, occasionally causing the company to notify a customer late regarding possible delays. Manually keeping track of hours worked also proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.

“With a demanding customer base and a growing business, we set out to find an all-in-one solution to help us maintain credibility in front of clients, strengthen their trust and improve overall productivity,” said Jennifer Ferris, corporate operations analyst at Federated Service Solutions. “With TeleNav Track, our dispatchers and clients now have in-depth installation information and the technicians’ locations at their fingertips, at all times.”

GPS Tracking: Since deploying TeleNav Track, dispatchers’ communication with the company’s 90 installers has greatly improved. Project managers can now log on to a Web site and view detailed information about the fleet’s whereabouts and assignment status. This enables them to instantly provide up-to-date job details to clients, further enhancing the company’s commitment to quality customer service.

Wireless Forms: Federated Service Solutions’ employees use TeleNav Track’s wireless forms to exchange job details, update assignment status and complete timesheets on-the-go, increasing overall productivity. The organization’s mobile staff no longer has to hassle with paperwork or drive back to the office in order to log hours worked, record the status of a job or receive information and directions to new appointments.

“In order to improve resource management and offer advanced customer service, companies such as Federated Service Solutions need real-time insight into dispatched workers’ positions and status,” said Dr. HP Jin, president, CEO and co-founder of TeleNav. “A truly mobile solution will not only help the company improve customer service, but also provide it with a leg up in a very competitive industry.”

TeleNav Track leverages GPS and wireless technologies to provide business management solutions, and operates on mobile phones and PDAs. It includes a variety of workforce management features, including GPS tracking / reporting and navigation, as well as wireless job dispatching, forms and barcode scanning. For further information about TeleNav Track and carrier availability, please visit http://www.TeleNav

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