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May 12, 2008
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Powerline Freight Takes Customer Service the Extra Mile with TeleNav Track
Long haul carrier uses GPS tracking and navigation solution to increase efficiency and exceed customer expectations

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and CHANDLER, Ind. – May 12, 2008 – TeleNav, Inc. today announced that Powerline Freight Systems, Inc., a nationwide long haul carrier, has enhanced customer interaction and overall efficiency of its fleet through the use of TeleNav Track(tm), a market leading GPS navigation and tracking service.

In operation since 1990, Powerline Freight Systems is located in Chandler, Ind., within 500 miles of 150 million people. This central location provides daily access to half of the nation's population and over 60 percent of the United States’ manufacturing plants.

The company prides itself on looking for new ways to provide its customers with relevant and innovative solutions for their transportation needs. After receiving inquiries about whether its trucks were satellite-equipped, the company recognized the need to implement a cost-effective solution that would ensure customer satisfaction.

By deploying TeleNav Track on devices in all of its service trucks, Powerline Freight Systems experienced immediate benefits. Dispatchers can now locate shipments at any time and relay how far away the truck is from its intended destination, whether it is on schedule and the estimated time of arrival to the customer. The company can also determine the speed that any truck is traveling, helping to maximize fuel efficiency. Because TeleNav Track gives management real-time visibility into the trucking fleet’s whereabouts, it has led to further savings for the company in the form of price reduction and control within its security division.

“Deploying the TeleNav Track service was such an effortless process,” said Jim Powers, President of Powerline Freight Systems. “As trucks came back from their routes, we were able to implement the system ourselves in under 15 minutes per vehicle. TeleNav Track does everything we needed, offering all the benefits of other providers at a fraction of the cost. With all the increases we’ve seen in efficiency and reliability, the service easily pays for itself very quickly.”

“Businesses with customers across the United States, such as Powerline Freight Systems, can greatly benefit from technological advancements in tracking solutions which in turn can be passed on to its customer base,” said Sal Dhanani, Sr. Director, Marketing and Co-founder of TeleNav. “We developed TeleNav Track to give companies the ability to manage and exceed customer expectations while increasing their workforce efficiency.”

TeleNav Track enables organizations to optimize mobile workforce operations through mobile GPS tracking and navigation, wireless timesheets, job dispatching and wireless forms – all using GPS-enabled mobile devices. Currently, more than 8,000 organizations rely on TeleNav Track to help manage their mobile resources.

Industry analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan, recently recognized TeleNav Track with its 2008 North American Mobility Award for Best MRM Solution on a Handheld Device. For a free consultation or to order TeleNav Track, customers should visit http://www.TeleNav or call 1.88.TeleNav.2 (1.888.353.6282).

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