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Oct. 7, 2008
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TeleNav and Intermec Keep the Field Workforce Connected With GPS Mobile Resource Management Service on a Rugged Device
Intermec CN3 Mobile Computer now supports TeleNav Track™

Sunnyvale, Calif. and Everett, Wash. – October 8, 2008 – Organizations in field service, logistics and transportation now have a dependable GPS solution available immediately on a rugged and compact mobile device. TeleNav Track, a GPS-enabled mobile resource management (MRM) service, is now offered on the Intermec CN3 rugged mobile computer and will provide businesses with a feature-rich, easy to use solution to more effectively monitor and manage their mobile assets. With TeleNav Track on the CN3, managers can log onto a secure website to view the location of their mobile workers, track the status of jobs, assign new jobs based on current employee locations, and run reports detailing fleet performance - including stop intervals, driver speeds, timesheets and more. Workers can also save time and unnecessary trips to the office by clocking in and out of work directly on the CN3 while in the field, or a supervisor can clock all employees in or out at the same time from one CN3, using TeleNav Track’s ‘Team Timecard’ feature. Managers will automatically receive information on exact hours and locations worked, reducing administrative overhead and re-keying errors. Dispatchers can also send job details to employees, directly to the CN3 units. This reduces miscommunication, allows dispatching to the nearest workers, and improves customer service through increased efficiency and speed. TeleNav Track on the CN3 includes GPS-enabled turn-by-turn voice and onscreen driving directions which prevents employees from getting lost and allows organizations to save costs on fuel. Through TeleNav Track’s wireless (paperless) form capabilities, managers and dispatchers can create fully customized versions of their current paper forms within minutes and push them to the CN3. This allows field employees to easily and quickly input real-time job details and manage inventory directly from the device, capturing GPS location data for each entry. Managers can also receive instant odometer readings. All of this allows for a quicker and more accurate accounting and invoicing process. By integrating the camera capability of the CN3 directly into the wireless forms, mobile workers can capture job-related images which can then be sent directly and in real-time to employers. Using the TeleNav Enterprise Server (TES), TeleNav Track can also integrate data with third-party applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), payroll, accounting and dispatch systems. “TeleNav Track on the Intermec CN3 is a great combination of the latest in GPS technology and the best in rugged mobile computing,” said Sal Dhanani, co-founder and senior director of marketing at TeleNav. “This is perfect for companies that need a reliable and straightforward solution for creating better efficiency and improving customer service.” “Intermec developed the CN3 with built-in GPS in order to meet the needs of workers in the field performing mission-critical tasks,” said John Kemp, senior director, marketing systems and solutions at Intermec. “Paired with TeleNav Track, the CN3 is a mobile tool that can provide organizations with a powerful, yet cost-effective way to improve asset management and gain a competitive edge.” Frost & Sullivan recently recognized TeleNav Track with its 2008 North American Mobility Award for Best MRM Solution on a Handheld Device. For a free consultation or to order TeleNav Track, customers should visit http://www.TeleNav or call 1.88.TeleNav.2 (1.888.353.6282).

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