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Nov. 10, 2008
Telenav Press Release:  

TeleNav Introduces Its First Two-Way, Internet-Connected GPS Personal Navigation Device
TeleNav Shotgun™ uses wireless network to provide a new navigation solution for business travelers

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Nov. 10, 2008 – TeleNav, Inc., the first company to launch a cell phone GPS navigation service in the U.S., today unveiled TeleNav Shotgun, TeleNav’s first two-way, Internet-connected GPS personal navigation device (PND). Available for purchase immediately, TeleNav Shotgun leverages the wireless network to provide real-time, connected features for business travelers including traffic alerts, Internet content (maps and business listings) and updated gas prices. According to JD Powers’ 2008 PND Usage and Satisfaction Study, real-time information continues to be the most desirable feature among PND owners, including real-time traffic capability, current weather/forecast and up-to-date market information, such as average gas prices. “Connected navigation means your device won’t have a limited shelf life,” said HP Jin, president, CEO and co-founder of TeleNav. “Using a PND without a connection is like using a laptop without an Internet connection. It limits you to information that resides on the device. Business travelers need to stay connected in order to stay productive and up-to-date.” Through TeleNav Connected ServiceSM, TeleNav Shotgun monitors traffic conditions along drivers’ routes and proactively searches for congestion or incidents. Customers will be alerted to traffic delays, both audibly and on-screen, and can choose an alternative route to their location with one touch. Users can also access specific incident information and determine the traffic speed / flow of major highways along their route. TeleNav Shotgun even displays an updated estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on traffic, speeds and distance. TeleNav Connected Service also keeps content (maps and local search data) up-to-date so users do not have to separately download new information. TeleNav Shotgun comes with 11 million points of interest (POIs), one of the largest databases of business listings available on a PND. Categories are easy to search and include a variety of locations, including restaurants, hotels, airports, Wi-Fi hot spots and regular gas price updates. A customer can also type in the name of a specific business. Business listings include phone numbers so users can save money on 411 charges if they need to call ahead. Users can also preplan trips, save addresses and manage accounts online at Customers can save locations in their ‘My Favorites’ folder, which will be automatically downloaded on their device next time they turn it on. Additionally, the new My TeleNav Internet browser plug-in for Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Google® toolbars provides users an easy way to send addresses to their TeleNav Shotgun from any Web page. Users can simply highlight an address and click the TeleNav button on their toolbar. The address will be automatically added to My TeleNav for later use on their Shotgun device. Online access means that administrative assistants can help preplan business trips as well. TeleNav Shotgun is a good choice for both new customers as well as those already using TeleNav GPS Navigator™ on their mobile phone. According to recent research from industry analyst firm Berg Insight, PNDs and cell phone GPS solutions will co-exist in the market as demand will continue for both. David Chamberlain, principal wireless analyst with In-Stat, agrees. “We have found, through several recent consumer surveys, that mobile handset navigation and PNDs may actually be complementary rather than competing,” stated Chamberlain. “More than 30 percent of consumers that we surveyed last year said they would consider buying both.” “We’re leveraging our experience and success with connected cell phone GPS navigation to provide the best in connected PNDs,” continued TeleNav’s Jin. “Now we offer our customers both options. The wireless connectivity of TeleNav Shotgun means they get the same features and convenience that they’re familiar with in TeleNav GPS Navigator, with the added value of a larger screen.” With the TeleNav Connected Service, TeleNav Shotgun users can take advantage of upgrades without having to purchase a new device. Updates will be delivered via the wireless network, so users don’t have to deal with the hassle of connecting cables and downloading software on a PC. Some feature updates that are under development include:

  • Restaurant Reviews – Quickly identify the top places to go and read what others say.
  • Address Sharing – Share addresses or your location to meet up with friends more efficiently.
  • Weather – Get up-to-date, detailed weather information.
  • Commute Alerts – Get emailed alerts about traffic conditions on your daily commute.


TeleNav Shotgun is available immediately for $299 and includes three months of free TeleNav Connected Service. TeleNav Connected Service includes real-time traffic alerts, Internet search with over 11 million business listings, updated maps, online preplanning, and access to selected new features when they are available. Options for service plans include:
  • 2 Year Plan: $239 (equivalent to $9.96 per month)
  • 1 Year Plan: $129 (equivalent to $10.75 per month)
  • Month to Month: $11.99 per month
Device owners not wishing to subscribe to TeleNav Connected Service following the three-month free period included with their purchase will be able to use the TeleNav Shotgun for GPS-enabled turn-by-turn navigation but will not have access to connected features such as real-time traffic and online preplanning.

TeleNav Shotgun Highlights

Hardware Highlights:
  • Slim and portable at 4.9L x 3.1W x 0.75H inches
  • High-quality 4.3 inch TFT LCD touch screen
  • Car and home charger
  • Mounting arm and cradle
Software Highlights:
  • Onscreen and voice guidance with spoken street names
  • Full-color 3D moving maps
  • Over 11 million POIs
  • Preloaded with maps of U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
TeleNav Connected Service Highlights:
  • Real-time traffic updates and intelligent rerouting
  • Internet-connected Search
  • Online preplanning: send addresses from the
  • Web to your device
  • Access latest releases of maps and POIs
  • Access to selected new features when available
To find out more information or to purchase TeleNav Shotgun, visit or call TeleNav at 1 88 TeleNav 8 (1.888.353.6288). Editor’s note: TeleNav Shotgun images, b-roll and a fact sheet are available for download at:

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