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Apr. 20, 2009
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Bayer Protective Services Saves more than $216,000 Annually on Field Management and Dispatch Costs with TeleNav Track
Security firm validates officer on-site presence to clientele through GPS and tracking deployment and push-to-talk services

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and SACRAMENTO, Calif. – April 20, 2009 – Bayer Protective Services, Inc., a regional contract security firm, has improved its reporting ability with its clients and has increased employee accountability through TeleNav Track, a cell phone-based GPS navigation and tracking service. The company is also using Nextel Direct Connect and wireless devices from Sprint for instant employee communication.

“We turned to TeleNav Track to more effectively manage our security officers,” said Bryon Bayer, president of Bayer Protective Services. “Prior to TeleNav Track, supervisorial personnel had to physically check each guard location to make sure our officers were doing the job assigned. By implementing TeleNav Track, we are able to confirm in real time that our employees are doing what they say, which has reduced our field management costs by more than $120,000 a year.”

Founded in 1995, Bayer Protective Services currently provides over 250,000 security man-hours a year to high-end commercial and industrial property clientele. With its annual service revenue at just under $5 million, Bayer Protective Services is one of the largest regional security providers in its industry. Always looking for ways to offer its clients the greatest return on investment, the company undertook efforts to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

In the physical security industry, clients will commonly voice concerns about not seeing their assigned guards very often. By deploying TeleNav Track on 100 Nextel phones available from Sprint, Bayer Protective Services has made its processes completely transparent to its clients. The company uses breadcrumb reports to show clients where assigned guards were located at specific times, as well as providing them a copy of the report to review in greater detail.

TeleNav Track has also eliminated the issues of timecard rounding. With geofencing, and wireless timecard notifications, Bayer Protective Services is able to monitor where officers are in real time. As a result, the company is able to patrol 1,400 site locations a week with five patrols, saving over 100 hours each week in operations costs.

As well as increased insight into everyday practices, Bayer Protective Services has seen additional savings through more efficient dispatch efforts with TeleNav Track. By being able to route, track and verify the same amount of work, the company has reduced labor and vehicle-related expenses. What used to cost Bayer Protective Services $10,000 a month is now only $2,000 - providing a net savings of $96,000 annually.

With Nextel Direct Connect, Bayer Protective Services can communicate with its patrol officers out in the field immediately with just the push of a button. Sprint provides Nextel Direct Connect on the fastest national push-to-talk network (based on initial call set-up time). Additionally, the company has significantly reduced the cost of two-way radio communication, all while operating on a private frequency.

“In growing industries such as physical security services, it is crucial that companies be able to provide clients with a measurable return on their investment,” said Keith Halasy, senior marketing manager of B2B products at TeleNav. “TeleNav Track helps companies compete by improving the way they conduct business. By better monitoring the services it provides, Bayer Protective Services is able to pass its savings on directly to their customers, thus keeping a satisfied and increasing clientele.”

Currently, more than 9,000 organizations rely on TeleNav Track to help manage their mobile resources. In addition, industry analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan, recognized TeleNav Track with its 2008 North American Mobility Award for Best MRM Solution on a Handheld Device. For a free consultation or to order TeleNav Track, please visit or call 1.88.TeleNav.2 (1.888.353.6282).

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