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Oct. 14, 2009
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Jefferson County Child Protection Services Expects to Save More Than $100,000 Annually Using TeleNav Track(TM) with GPS
Social services organization improves employee safety and response time with GPS tracking

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and GOLDEN, Colo. – Oct. 14, 2009 – Jefferson County CYF, the division of Children, Youth and Families, a 24/7 investigator of child abuse and neglect allegations, estimates it will save more than $100,000 annually using TeleNav Track™ a cell phone-based GPS navigation and tracking service the organization has deployed to reduce wasted hours and improve employee safety.

Jefferson County CYF’s mission is to promote the safety, well-being and permanency for children, youth and their families. In 2008, the organization responded to more than 6,000 calls of concern and served more than 2,000 children. To meet the needs of its clients, Jefferson County CYF’s social workers travel throughout Colorado, often requiring them to visit unfamiliar areas. TeleNav Track provides the caseworkers with turn-by-turn GPS directions while en route as well as a business directory so they can quickly identify local resources for which to refer families such as substance abuse clinics, mental health treatment providers and parenting classes. Once found, the caseworkers are able to save these locations to their phones to quickly access and locate these resources in the future.

Prior to using TeleNav Track, Jefferson County CYF caseworkers wasted valuable time and resources researching these services online or in the phone book and printing paper maps to guide them to each location. In addition, caseworkers often traveled inefficient routes to locations, got lost, or made unnecessary trips to the office. Since implementing TeleNav Track and accessing the information directly on their mobile phones, Jefferson County CYF estimates that each caseworker is saving an average of one hour per week. At an average of $20.00 an hour for more than 100 employees, the organization expects to save more than $100,000 annually using TeleNav Track.

“With the recent economic changes and added pressures, we have unfortunately seen an increase in referrals and our caseworkers are spending more time on the road than in previous years,” said Tara Czyzewski, systems and design specialist for Jefferson County CYF. “Using TeleNav Track to access directions and locate resources while on the way to a call, as opposed to manually seeking and printing this information before leaving, has saved our caseworkers valuable time they can now spend on location helping clients.”

TeleNav Track has also become instrumental in helping Jefferson County CYF ensure the safety of the children it serves and its employees. Prior to implementing TeleNav Track, Jefferson County’s caseworkers would depend on calling local police within their jurisdiction to come to a location when a situation escalated. However, employees would often call for police support too late. The organization determined it needed a safety system put into place that would be appropriate and effective for situations a caseworker might face.

By subscribing to TeleNav Track on 174 AT&T wireless devices for its entire staff of caseworkers, supervisors and managers, Jefferson County CYF has put a system in place that allows supervisors to track the location of caseworkers, how long they were on each site, and their last location should the caseworker lose contact for an extended period of time. Caseworkers can easily report a problem by pressing designated “hot keys,” generating emails that are issued to a pre-determined group alerting management that the employee is in trouble or in an uncomfortable situation. Upon receiving the alert, supervisors can contact the necessary authorities to provide help and continually monitor the employee’s phone location for any changes during the situation.

“With TeleNav Track, we now have a simple system in which our caseworkers can quickly and discreetly notify management of dangerous situations right from their mobile phone,” said Czyzewski. “The technology gives our caseworkers peace of mind knowing that help is available to them at any time. The information TeleNav Track provides us regarding our employees’ locations, especially in an emergency situation, helps us ensure their safety remains our top priority.”

Approximately 9,000 organizations currently rely on TeleNav Track to help manage their mobile resources. Industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recently selected TeleNav Track™ for the 2009 North American Mobility Award for ‘Best MRM Solution on a Handheld Device’ for the second year in a row. For a free consultation or to order TeleNav Track, visit or call 1.88.TeleNav.2 (1.888.353.6282).

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