Drive Smart.
Telenav's Navigation on your smartphone makes finding and getting to your destination faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before.
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Connect your smartphone to a world of destinations.

Telenav provides spoken turn-by-turn driving directions.
You can choose from up to three different routes.
Quickly locate, call or drive to rated and reviewed locations.
Avoid traffic jams with real-time traffic alerts and intelligent rerouting.


Telenav delivers navigation across multiple platforms
So whether you're using an iPhone®, an Android™, a BlackBerry® or another smartphone, Telenav's navigation has been optimized and updated to offer the best possible experience for our subscribers worldwide.

Find it fast.
Quick Search helps you find what you're looking for faster — right from your home screen. Start typing and Quick Search will fill in the rest. Browse local restaurants, stores, the nearest ATMs, lowest-priced gas and much more.
Pick your ride.
How do you feel today? Are you a sports car or a monster truck, a tank or a space ship? Pick the vehicle that fits your mood.
There's more than one way to get there
Telenav provides up to three suggested routes based on real-time traffic conditions and distance, optimized to deliver the fastest estimated drive times.
Take a shortcut.
Three new custom Android widgets give you instant access to the Quick Search field, a map with your current location, the traffic situation, and your real-time Home and Work commute times.

Pick your route.
Choose your path from multiple route options that are optimized for traffic, distance and drive time.
A human touch.
Telenav's turn-by-turn driving directions are spoken by a real human voice. If you miss a turn, Telenav GPS Plus will automatically reroute you.
Gas up for less.
Telenav's cheap gas price finder is updated daily, so you always know how far you have to go to find the best gas prices in the area.
Beat traffic.
See what traffic is like along your route and avoid incidents and congestion with just a tap.