Car Platform

Innovate and build smarter and safer products for an enhanced connected car experience.

  • Location-based
    Ads & Commerce
  • Data Intelligence
  • Sensor and AI based Dynamic Road Information
  • Smart Navigation
  • ADAS / Safety
  • Semi-Autonomous
  • Cloud Services

Telenav's Connected Car Platform is enabling top automotive brands to deliver a smarter, safer & more personalized user experience for drivers.

Telenav’s LBS SDK was also used to create Mobile Companion Apps. Whether on the road or on foot, drivers will always have a personalized navigation experience. This enables seamless navigation in and out of the car, with features such as vehicle finder, personalization and more. All of these features are accessible through our navigation and LBS cloud with a simple set of APIs. Our ability to seamlessly integrate mobile devices for pre-trip planning and last-mile guidance provides an end-to-end solution that extends beyond the vehicle.

Telenav Location- Based Services (LBS) SDK

Telenav LBS SDK is a flexible and scalable platform. It integrates our portfolio of on-board services and connected vehicle services into a smart and connected experience. The LBS SDK includes all map-related functions such as routing, guidance, positioning, rendering and search, as well as access to the complete suite of hybrid and connected vehicle services.

Personalized Navigation

The road is only the beginning. Telenav’s intelligent, connected car platform understands individual driver patterns and applies these insights to deliver a more personalized search, recommendation and navigation experience. 

Predictive Cards

Bringing new meaning to backseat driving, we are working to provide proactive assistance to help drivers stay one step ahead. Telenav’s Predictive Cards™ use driving history and vehicle sensor data to accurately predict a driver’s likely destination, sharing ETAs, proactive traffic alerts and alternative route options in real time.

Personalized routing

Traffic jam? No problem! Telenav Routing integrates with real-time traffic data to deliver personalized route options with up-to-the-second ETAs, traffic incidents and speed flows.

Personalized One Box Search

More than 60% of navigation system interactions start with search. With One Box Search, drivers are guaranteed accurate, fast and real-time results. Telenav’s Search Analytics Learning Engine constantly retunes to provide an enriched search experience that is consistent between text and voice, regardless of connectivity.


No more guessing if you’ll make it or not. Telenav’s RealReach™, soon to be available in-car and as a mobile companion app, optimizes the Electric Vehicle (EV) driving experience by helping drivers accurately predict the battery range of their EV using map and car sensor data.

To ensure range accuracy, RealReach™ analyzes real-time conditions, and accounts for factors such as driving habits, car battery capacity, enhanced charge station info, time between charges, and more.

Electric Vehicles Solution

With optimized routing and personalized insights, Telenav is working to make the Electric Vehicle (EV) experience more predictable  and hassle free. Our solution will provide tailored recommendations for charging stops, optimized to a driver’s schedule and activities, and routing that maximizes battery life to save drivers money.

Drivers will soon be able to enjoy a superior in-car experience for planning day and weekend long trips.

Some Unique Features in VA:

  • Advanced Local Search: Search for coffee shops but avoid Starbucks?
  • Traffic & Navigation: How is traffic to home/work? What is travel time to the next available fast charger?

Voice Assistance (VA)

A virtual assistant that serves as a user’s companion for their location-based inquiries at home, and on the move with the aim to make driving safe, fun and productive. Telenav works with any third party to tightly integrate the VA feature aimed to bridge the out-of-car with in-car experiences (e.g plan a trip on smart speaker and send the itinerary to your car).