VIVID connected

Combining navigation, entertainment and commerce in one easy-to-use platform.

VIVID Infotainment System

VIVID is a cloud-first infotainment solution that seamlessly integrates internet-based entertainment services with native vehicle functions into a delightful and safe user experience.

Our philosophy is to create an easy-to-use, “experience forward” infotainment system that provides the key features people love about their phones in a fully integrated, uniformly branded, driver-safe package.

Key Features

  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing user experience
  • Home-screen with dynamic side-by-side navigation and entertainment display
  • Native integration with the most popular audio streaming services
  • Voice + touch smart assistant integration, starting with Amazon Alexa
  • Industry leading, hybrid-connected embedded navigation with over-the-air map updates
  • Integrated vehicle functions:
    • Climate control
    • Seat heaters
    • AM/FM radio control
    • Vehicle system settings


  • Responsive and adaptive HMI that elegantly scales from 6.5” to 10.5” landscape, with portrait screen orientation support forthcoming
  • Resolution independent graphics
  • Integrates with OEM back-office technology and includes stand-alone functionality
  • Regularly scheduled OTA enhancements and upgrades to maintain product novelty

Benefits for OEMs:

  • Fully managed solution
  • Single contract includes best-of-breed cloud entertainment and data services
  • All-in-one architecture and seamless cloud services provide for quick and easy integration
  • Built-in support for revenue generators, such as Telenav’s In-Car Commerce
  • Your customer is your customer, and your customer’s data stays your customer’s data

HMI Services

Telenav has established itself as one of the premier design and research teams in the auto industry and offers full app design (HMI layer only) to Tier-1 and OEMs. We have a world-class user research and user experience design team which is market proven.