Making driving safer & smarter with real-time vehicle data and alerts by leveraging machine learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


Life is filled with wrong turns - or at least it used to be. RoadSense™ is an early warning system which is being developed to use crowdsourced vehicle sensor data, and third-party content sources, to help drivers avoid unsafe road conditions, construction/blockage, traffic disruptions, and more. Targeted to a driver’s specific route and predicted destination, notifications and rerouting recommendations are integrated with the in-car and mobile experience. 


Telenav’s OpenTerra™ is an auto-grade location-based content-as-a-service platform that leverages the power of real-time crowdsourced data and AI technologies. We are automatically aggregating and validating data leveraging the power of OpenStreetMap (OSM), crowdsourced data from a global community, to produce auto-grade maps, ADAS maps and RoadSense™ data.

Click to view how the process works and how created a navigable map in Canada in less than a year.