Safety &

Location-based products that provide personalized ADAS experiences.

Lane Level Guidance and Positioning

Being in the correct lane is critical for safe and frustration-free driving. Telenav’s lane level car intelligence ensures drivers are in the right place at the right time. It positions drivers properly on multi-level roads, provides advance warnings when lanes are ending or are exit-only, offers timely, stress-free direction on upcoming lane changes, provides safety warnings of lane-level road hazards and offers accurate accounting and data collection of exit lane traffic delays in your route ETA.

Augmented Reality

Safer roads with fewer accidents will soon be a reality. Currently in development, Telenav’s Augmented Reality (AR) will provide driver assistance for safe lane changes, upcoming turns, parking, and more. Our AR innovation will superimpose 3D lane information over video from the forward-facing camera, display in lane guidance as lane icons in either CenterStack, Cluster or HUD.


Improving path predictions, SmartHorizon™ predicts the vehicle’s most probable path (MPP) using real-time vehicle data and
historical learning about individual and aggregate driver behavior while
requiring minimal computing power and bandwidth consumption. The solution can
be deployed in systems with or without navigation systems.