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At Telenav, we've always been about making people's lives less stressful, more productive, and more fun when they are on the go. We started on this mission in 1999 when we pioneered GPS navigation for mobile phones and changed how people get from point A to point B. Over the years, we have paved the way for a bigger end-to-end mobility transformation for all people on the go — starting with connected car solutions for drivers.

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Helping millions of people on the go requires world-class partners.



Our People

We are a global team made up of automotive, mobile, and cloud experts located in major innovation hotspots around the world. Every day, we drive our company forward by following our core values, which encompass having the right people, the right mindset, and excellence in execution. Our culture embraces diversity, hard work, new ideas, and collaboration. We take pride in being customer-obsessed, we strive to always challenge ourselves to do better, and we take time to celebrate our successes together. Come join us.


/ Products

Connected, Intelligent Products.

Navigation Products for Every Car

Our Products

We provide connected car and advertising solutions that are built on our intelligent location platform. Our robust location platform enables top global automotive companies to deliver experiences that help their drivers save time, stay safe, and reduce stress. These experiences are delivered through connected-embedded, embedded, and brought-in systems that are customized to meet the regional needs of drivers.

Intelligent Navigation & Advanced Driver Assistance Solutions (ADAS)

Our deep expertise in location-based services and driver, car, and road intelligence enables proactive, predictive, and personalized navigation and ADAS experiences.

What sets Telenav’s experiences apart is that the foundation is data intelligence and makes each experience personalized and relevant to each user.

These experiences are powered by our comprehensive set of location festures across the car, mobile, and cloud including global one-box search, real-time traffic, dynamic routing, fully interactive maps, and ADAS features like:


RoadSense is an early warning system that helps drivers avoid unsafe road conditions and delays. Based on insights of the road from aggregate car sensor data and the user’s predicted or known destination.


Telenav’s SmartHorizon improves most probable path (MPP) prediction by using real-time vehicle data and personalization.

In-Car Advertising

Our industry-first platform delivers an end-to-end solution — from ad targeting to ad sales and campaign management — so Auto OEMs can provide end-users with the choice to pay for a connected service or receive it for free.

Ads are displayed in a safe, user-friendly and contextually-relevant manner inside the vehicle. For example, to ensure driver safety, ads only appear when the vehicle is stopped, such as at car startup, traffic lights and upon arrival. The ads automatically disappear whenever the car is in motion or when users interact with other in-dash functions such as music or phone calls.

From a context and value perspective, relevant ads such as coupons and recommendations are delivered to customers based on information from the vehicle, including frequently traveled routes, destinations, and time of the day. As an example, drivers can be encouraged to pick up a discounted pizza on the way home or be alerted to sales at stores near their destination. In addition, when the vehicle is low on gas, the platform points out nearby stations along the driver's route, potentially with discount offers.

See Telenav’s In-Car Ads in action!

Mobile Advertising

Thinknear by Telenav provides location-based mobile advertising solutions to Fortune 1000 brands and agencies. Location data is changing the way brands connect with consumers and Thinknear is delivering audiences and experiences that drive performance for today's leading marketers.


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Seeking world-class talent.

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      What’s news and newsworthy at Telenav.

      November 12, 2018


      “GM Likes Early Marketplace Results, 2.0 Version Coming” James M. Amend, WardsAuto Read full article »

      November 6, 2018


      “Telenav Scout GPS Helps Yelpers Locate Businesses When Connected” Bryan Jonston, AUTO Connected Car News Read full article »

      October 30, 2018


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      October 29, 2018


      “With benefits — and risks – software updates are coming to the car” John R. Quain, WBCB Read full article »

      October 17, 2018


      “GM’s data mining is just the beginning of the in-car advertising blitz
      The next data minefield is your car”
      Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge Read full article »

      October 11, 2018


      “California-based Telenav, for example, has been working with several automakers for the past year, trying to create the perfect in-car advertising platform to leverage the infotainment system available in new-age connected cars.” Soumik Roy, TechHQ Read full article »

      August 22, 2018


      “Telenav & Sionic To Bring Localized eCommerce To Vehicles” Dominik Bosnjak, AndroidHeadlines Read full article »

      July 2, 2018


      “Telenav Partners With Jeep On Dynamic Driving Experiences” Dominik Bosnjak, AndroidHeadlines Read full article »

      June 6, 2018


      “The Dawn of Mobile Convenience Stores—and (Maybe) Free Rides” Alex Davies, Wired Read full article »

      May 17, 2018


      “Telenav Open-Sources Mapping Tech, Debuts $10k Contest” Dominik Bosnjak, AndroidHeadlines Read full article »

      May 8, 2018


      “2018 Connected Car Buyers Guide” Tracy Cozzens, GPS World Read full article »

      April 20, 2018


      “5G To Significantly Boost Auto Industry Innovation: Expert” Dominik Bosnjak, AndroidHeadlines Read full article »

      April 13, 2018


      “How Google Maps Made The Navigation Industry ‘Sweat’ ” Android News Read full article »

      April 5, 2018


      “Telenav Seeks Disruption With Free In-Car Services” Android News Read full article »

      February 20, 2018


      “The Car of the Future Will Sell Your Data” Gabrielle Coppola and David Welch, Bloomberg Read full article »

      January, 2018


      “Telenav Offering In-Car Ad Platform for OEMs” Justin Tejada, The Connected Car Read full article »

      January 22, 2018


      “Telenav Wants to Put Ads on Automotive Infotainment Screens” Tony Markovich, Car and Driver Read full article »

      January 11, 2018


      “Automakers Will Soon Serve In-Car Advertisements” Sean Szymkowski, GM Authority Read full article »

      January 6, 2018


      “Telenav launching an In-Car Advertising Platform to enable automotive OEMs to generate revenue by delivering ads to car” Piyush Rajan, Telematics Wire Read full article »

      January 8, 2018


      “Advertisements Are Coming to Your Car's Infotainment System”
      “Companies will soon be able to send relevant ads directly to your vehicle”
      Basir Khan, The Drive Read full article »

      Awards & Recognition

      June 25, 2017


      “Infotainment is now a competitive advantage for Ford” Michael Martinez, Automotive News Read full article »

      June 26, 2017


      “SYNC 3 was the key to boosting Ford's quality” John Rosevear, The Motley Fool Read full article »

      Sept 20, 2017


      “The Ford SYNC® 3 Infotainment System is a primary contributor to Ford Motor Company’s strong performance” Scott Kirchner, Panasonic Moves Us Read full article »

      Telenav Sync3 Navigation

      April 18, 2016


      “Sync 3 gives me a reason to want to drive Ford cars again”
      “streamlined destination input”
      Wayne Cunningham, CNET Read full article »

      August 22, 2015


      “helps you to get things done fast and your eyes back on the road” Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch Read full article »

      August 20, 2015


      “shows the value in the "less is more" strategy of interface design…Nowhere is this philosophy more apparent than Sync 3's navigation.” Tom Mutchler, Consumer Reports Read full article »

      June 26, 2015


      “The navigation feature that was the most impressive—and is most like the mobile experience found on phones and tablets—is destination entry.” Doug Newcomb, PC Mag Read full article »



      “Nav system offers clean, clear map views and easy menu functions.” Dan Frio, Edmunds Read full article »

      Telenav GM Navigation

      August 31, 2017


      “As for infotainment tech, systems with either a seven- or eight-inch screen are available. The latter, which is unimaginatively called “GMC Infotainment System 8-Inch,” is standard in Denali models. Luckily for this automaker, a clunky name can’t sink a good product as this is one of the best infotainment systems available today. Fast and fluid, it responds instantly to finger inputs. The user interface is elegant and easy to use, plus it supports multitouch gestures, like pinch-to-zoom, so it’s incredibly intuitive.” Craig Cole, AutoGuide Read full article »

      June 20, 2017


      “The new user interface is snappy and attractive, the navigation map takes almost no time to render, and a new user-based system allows for a massive amount of personalization, down to suggested navigation route” CNET Read full article »

      Sept 21, 2017


      “the navigation screen offered a crisp, easily readable image. Think Apple Maps but more refined.”
      “The navigation prompts were a bit of a wonder”
      Beverly Braga, New York Daily News Read full article »

      Sept 13, 2017


      “CUE’s most noticeable graphic gains are to its navigation system, which adopts a map display that’s similar in style to Apple Maps. Clean and concise, the display benefits from a touchscreen that’s more forgiving to slightly mis-aimed touch inputs and responds more promptly than did its predecessor.” Greg Fink, Car and Driver Read full article »


      / Management

      We’ve been leading the way for connected, location-based technologies since 1999.

      HP JIN

      Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

      HP co-founded Telenav in 1999 and has led the company to become a global leader in location-based services (LBS), automotive navigation and location-targeted mobile advertising. Telenav was the first company to launch GPS navigation services for mobile phones to the world, and today its product reaches more than 100 countries on mobile phones and within vehicles. Telenav was also the first LBS company in the USA to IPO when it began publicly trading on NASDAQ in May 2010. Telenav has subsidiaries in US, China, Europe and South America.

      Prior to starting Telenav, HP served as a Senior Strategy Consultant for the McKenna Group and a Business Strategy and Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company. HP has also served as a Technical Director at LINCSS/Loral Space Communication.

      HP holds a Ph.D. in Guidance, Navigation and Control (Aeronautics and Astronautics department), a Ph.D. minor in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China.


      Chief Financial Officer

      Michael Strambi was named Chief Financial Officer in June 2012. He was previously Telenav’s vice president of finance. He has more than 20 years of experience in financial leadership roles for public and private companies. From 2002 to 2006, he was vice president, controller and treasurer of Macromedia, Inc. More recently, he served in senior financial roles for several private, venture-backed technology companies, including Silver Spring Networks, Inc., Metacafe, Inc., and MobiTV, Inc. He also served as vice president, finance for Blue Martini Software. Strambi began his career in public accounting at Ernst & Young.

      Michael received an MBA in finance from the University of Southern California and a BS in business administration with a concentration in accounting from California State University, Sacramento.

      Y.C. CHAO

      Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

      Y.C. Chao is a co-founder of Telenav and has extensive experience in navigation technology implementation as well as software and hardware development. His career includes a track record of success in wireless location technology, network-assisted navigation algorithm development, and the implementation of real-time embedded systems for navigation applications. Y.C. was a GPS software engineer at SnapTrack, where he worked on network-assisted GPS chipset performance, evaluation and software development. Prior to SnapTrack, Y.C. was a GPS receiver engineer for Trimble Navigation.

      Y.C. holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, a Master of Science from the University of Texas Aerospace Engineering Center for Space Research, and a Bachelor of Science from National Taiwan University.


      Co-Founder and Co-President, Automotive Business Unit

      Sal Dhanani is a co-founder of Telenav and brings years of experience in product marketing, product management, business strategy and operations within the telecom industry. Prior to Telenav, Sal worked with the McKenna Group, a leading strategy-consulting firm, where he developed market entry, product launch and expansion strategies for various start-ups, telecom companies and telecom infrastructure providers. Before joining the McKenna Group, Sal was responsible for product development and management at Schlumberger Ltd., Test and Transactions Group.

      Sal completed coursework through Stanford University's IEEM program and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.


      Co-President, Automotive Business Unit

      Hassan Wahla has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive and wireless industries. Hassan joined Telenav in 2005 and leads the automotive business unit with Co-President Sal Dhanani. Prior to joining Telenav, he managed the GPS Tracking Product Portfolio at Nextel Communications. He also developed and implemented the Consumer LBS strategy for Nextel. Hassan has held several other senior management positions including vice president of business development at Wireless Multimedia Solutions, director of business development at MicroStrategy, Inc, and senior consultant at Maritime Power Corporation.

      Hassan holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, Master of Science in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech.


      Senior Vice President, Engineering

      Philipp Kandal is Senior VP, Engineering for Telenav. He oversees product development, testing and project management across Silicon Valley, Europe and China. Philipp came to Telenav with the acquisition of skobbler. Before skobbler was acquired by Telenav in 2014, he was co-founder and CTO of skobbler, a pioneering company in OpenStreetMap based navigation solutions both for consumers and automotive clients. Before co-founding skobbler, he was at Navigon and acted as a consultant for the automotive navigation division of Siemens VDO (now Continental). Philipp learned software development in his early teens and started his first business at the age of 19.

      Philipp holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Cologne.


      Vice President, People

      Fiona Ow Giuffre joined Telenav as Vice President, People in 2017 with the responsibility for driving company growth and innovation through human resources and talent management strategy. Fiona is helping to accelerate Telenav’s transformation through talent development solutions, attracting and developing the best talent and building a culture of engagement, agility, and innovation. In her 20+ years as a talent and OD partner, Fiona has had extensive experience leading organizational transformations. Before joining Telenav, Fiona served as Vice President, People at San Jose Sharks organization and was responsible for people operations and talent management strategy. Her background and experience include leadership roles at Verisign, Netscreen Technologies, and Mitel Networks.

      Fiona holds a degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University.


      Co-President & GM, Ads Business Unit

      Brent is our Co-President and General Manager, responsible for bringing the power of Thinknear's location-based marketing platform to the world's largest brands. Brent oversees all revenue and operations functions at Thinknear. Prior to Thinknear, Brent served as VP of Global Sales at Clear Channel and Head of Sales, Americas for Nokia Location & Commerce. Brent started his career in mobile as the founding VP of Sales at IPSH! - one of the first mobile marketing firms in the U.S. (acquired by Omnicom). He then became an executive at video tech company Maven Networks (acquired by Yahoo!) and ran Global Sales at video network Metacafe (acquired by Collective Digital Studiors).

      Brent is based out of Thinknear's Silicon Valley office and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, three little kids, and 100lb dog.


      Co President & GM, Ads Business Unit

      Brett is our Co-President and General Manager, responsible for setting the strategic vision and product roadmap for our location-based marketing platform. Brett oversees all product, marketing, and engineering functions at Thinknear. As a mobile and location evangelist, Brett works with the IAB, MMA, and other leading marketers to develop tools, research, and industry initiatives enabling marketers to more effectively engage with mobile consumers.Prior to Thinknear, Brett developed monetization strategy for Telenav and led growth strategy efforts as a management consultant for a number of Fortune 1000 brands including United Airlines and General Mills.

      Brett is based in Silicon Valley where he and his wife spend their time chasing two toddler daughters while negotiating for matching shoes.


      / Press room

      Read about how we’re moving the world.

      For media inquires or questions, please contact Raphel Finelli from Telenav Public Relations at or at 408-667-5970

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