Best in-class personalized driving assistance.

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always available.

VIVID Nav is always there for your customers. ​​

Designed to be a cloud-first experience,  customers get latest maps and online content when connected, yet still have a fully-functioning navigation system, when they’re not. It’s all done seamlessly so there’s no interruption in service.


A personalized, voice-enabled user experience.

A great user experience anticipates user needs.

VIVID Nav hits the mark by delivering a personalized and context-driven experience with human-like voice interactions. It learns user preferences and driving behavior so finding places and navigating there is quick and easy. ​


EV driving.

Eliminating range anxiety is more than just buying cars with bigger batteries.​​

VIVID Nav’s EV optimized features include artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven range estimations, and trip planning tools so drivers are never far from their next charge when they need it.​​

Navigation taps the cloud for current, fresh data.OpenTerra live maps work in the city, country and off-road.A personalized experience delivers meaningful search results.


OpenTerra™ maps that improve daily.

The world around us changes all the time and maps need to reflect that. ​

OpenTerra uses sophisticated map making AI tools to continuously capture those changes so your customers navigate the world as it is, not as it was. All are displayed brilliantly by VIVID Nav’s powerful map display engine.

Safety as a

Intelligent, safe driving remains our priority.​

Helping customers navigate to their destination is half the story. ​Our goal is to get them there safely and worry-free. 

VIVID Nav incorporates key safety and driving assistance features, providing a context-rich experience for your customers.