From engineering to product development to customer satisfaction, our team is focused on delivering value.

We see innovation
as the ethos of everything we do

We obsess over how we can make users' lives easier by solving the problems they have when driving.

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we love


We use the car navigation systems we create.

We See

The Future

When it comes to ideas, there are no limits.

Our diverse team includes technical experts, marketers, customer support teams, dreamers, visionaries, idea-generators and get-it-doners. Since we are committed to customer needs, every team member can influence our products as we uncover new ways to create customer delight.

Telenav is the right place if you want to make a difference.

We encourage everyone to share our vision of the future.

We Value


Success isn’t about one person. It’s about the team.

We trust team members to work together to bring our ideas to market. That means we support and respect one another, and as a result, we have a trusted environment where we can say the hard things that make ideas better.

Just like we collaborate with our customers, our team members work well together.

We Give


We volunteer to make the world a better place.

The team is encouraged to participate in activities that support our community.

Whether we do something as a team or an individual, we encourage you to give back to the community and world around us.​

Our corporate culture focuses on diversity, inclusion, and teamwork.



  • Respect as intention

    This is the over-arching value at Telenav. It means you can assume a team member’s intention is always based on respect – even during a disagreement. When the decision is made, it’s not personal, it’s about the business. Our commitment to respect superpowers our development and innovation.

  • Be trustworthy

    We trust your judgment and expertise. That means you’re empowered to make recommendations and decisions. It also means that transparency allows to move faster and deliver better solutions.

  • Set expectations

    We strive for efficiency and that means we don’t have time for drama. We count on you to keep your word and meet commitments. We also trust you to speak-up if you need help or to reset expectations.

  • Work smarter

    Nobody likes to waste time. We work quickly in learning, decision-making, execution. We look for opportunities for constant improvement. We count on you to learn as you go to increase efficiencies and reduce errors.

  • Keep it simple

    We look to simplify everything we do, and that includes how we talk with one another. Straightforward feedback is encouraged, allowing us to streamline the workflow by eliminating the noise.


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