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Driver and driving context are key to building personalized IVI solutions.

Your customers get a contextual, personalized and voice-first experience, combining in-car features with cloud-based intelligence and content.

Personalized search learns preferences, navigation suggests regular and best routes, predictive in-car commerce knows “usuals”, and intuitive media player streams favorites. Car controls and smartphone integration are included in the VIVID IVI HMI application for creating a branded experience.

Fast Track

Get a head start on innovation with our platform and pre-integrated services.

With expectations for digital services constantly changing, staying current can be challenging. Our pre-integrated core IVI services, voice and visual UX elements, and cloud content eliminates the need to build new IVI applications every few years. Instead, you can focus on the user experiences that keep your customers happy and engaged.

Our SDK comes with an HMI application that helps you fast track your own custom, branded solutions. Our "platform-plus-services" approach gets you to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Pre-integrated core services give you a head start in delivering tailored IVI solutions.

Get Customer

Deepen the customer relationship with access to customer insights.

VIVID IVI lets you know what your customer prefers. You'll get insights on driving patterns, infotainment patterns, and what purchasing preferences.

This kind of meta-data visibility lets you continuously evolve your solutions and services to meet evolving customer needs.

Brand the user experience.Faster development means getting to market quickly.Get customer meta data.

Make IVI

Our solutions are offered with low pay-as-you-grow costs and built-in revenue streams.

Typical IVI development requires significant upfront investment with little guarantee of return. Instead, we use a pay-as-you-grow model that includes built-in monetization. That means you can get to market with relatively little cost and start earning service revenue over the life of the vehicle.

Services include location-based commerce, promotions and driving-relevant services that can be rapidly deployed.


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