Turn your car into a wallet to make buying easy.

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Provide personalized in-car commerce.​

Pick up the usual latte on the way to work, find and pay for nearby parking at the end of a trip, order pizza from a favorite restaurant on the way home – your customers can access all this and more, from the convenience of their IVI.

No more fumbling with the phone - they can stay focused on the drive. Timely, location-based offers are served directly on the infotainment screen that your customers can take with them on their phones as they leave the vehicle.


Make it user-friendly and car-safe.

We deliver a safe driver "voice-first" user experience with the onboard voice assistant. This simplicity lets your customers simply say, "order an iced cafe latte with 2% milk and no whipped cream" that's timed to be ready for pick up when they get to the store.

Ordering menu and options are also displayed on in-vehicle screens and ready to use by touch, when it's safe.

A natural language interface eliminates driver distractions for even the most complex commands.

Order easily

Integrated with the driving experience.

Give customers the convenience of ordering things along the way. VIVID Commerce is designed to be tightly integrated with in-car navigation, ensuring that your customers can search for merchants that are along the way to their destination.

Anticipate what your customers want from their past behaviors and offer Predictive Cards on their navigation screens to let them simply click to order.

Context rich offers let drivers find what they want to buy while driving.The marketplace is designed to support your marketing strategy.Safely purchase from the car with voice commands.


Deliver value to customers and your bottom line.

The convenience of helping your customers easily get the things they need on-the-go translates to new sources of revenue for your connected services business.

Get a share of the money your customers spend with in-car commerce. Use the insights from their preferences and behaviors to provide even more tailored and personalized in-car commerce and promotion offers.

SDK Unlocks

Choose how you want to offer in-car commerce.

Build your own in-car commerce solution with our SDK or get to market quickly with turnkey applications: the choice is yours. With turnkey, choose an embedded in-car application or a smartphone projected app.

With both the SDK or the turnkey applications, leverage built-in capabilities for onboarding and managing merchants, orders and payment processing.