Tired of your old radio and navigation?
Try the new VIVID™ IVI. FREE!

Telenav is working on a next-gen infotainment system and we are looking for a limited number of Mazda CX-5 (2012 – 2016), Mazda CX-9 (2007 – 2015), Mazda 3 (2004 – 2013), Mazda 6 (2006 – 2015), Mazda MX-5 (2007 – 2015) participants in the Bay Area, CA to test the new technology.


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One of the cars with an Aftermarket head-unit installed. Mazda CX-5 (2012 – 2016), Mazda CX-9 (2007 – 2015), Mazda 3 (2004 – 2013), Mazda 6 (2006 – 2015), Mazda MX-5 (2007 – 2015) owners in the Bay Area, CA. can have it for free!

Qualified vehicles & region
Mazda CX-5 (2012 – 2016), Mazda CX-9 (2007 – 2015), Mazda 3 (2004 – 2013), Mazda 6 (2006 – 2015), Mazda MX-5 (2007 – 2015) in the Bay Area, CA.

Large screen and powerful processor

VIVID Infotainment has 10" screen and it’s as fast as your smartphone. Check out a brief demo: here.


You’ll have updated map with traffic information and music services. The internet data for the program is on us!

Your favorite audio services

Listen to Deezer, Amazon Music, or Audible. Of course, Radio and Bluetooth music from your phone are also there.

Alexa support

Navigate to places, control music playback or listen to a podcast without touching a single button.

Delightful to use

VIVID brings modern interfaces and services to your car.

Software updated monthly

Based on your valuable feedback, we push out monthly updates to the beta program software. You’ll be one of the first to enjoy new features!
The system updates regularly so you will never miss a new feature.


Is it really free?

Yes! We will provide the head-unit (the computer with the screen) and pay for installation (and getting your old head-unit back when you’re done). On top of that, your head-unit will be connected so you could listen to your favorite music and internet is on us!

Who can participate?

Any California resident age 18 and up, with a driver license that owns a Mazda CX-5 (2012 – 2016), Mazda CX-9 (2007 – 2015), Mazda 3 (2004 – 2013), Mazda 6 (2006 – 2015), Mazda MX-5 (2007 – 2015) can participate in the program.
Currently, we are focused on drivers in the Bay Area (we will ask you to bring your car to the installation facility in San Jose, CA.)

What do I need to join?

First of all, you need a compatible car (read about compatibility below.)
You’ll also need a driver’s license and a regular car insurance to join. We will ask you to sign a participation agreement.

Is my car compatible?

If you have a Mazda CX-5 (2012 - 2016), Mazda CX-9 (2007 – 2015), Mazda 3 (2004 – 2013), Mazda 6 (2006 – 2015), Mazda MX-5 (2007 – 2015) and live in the Bay Area, CA, there’s a good chance we could install VIVID for you.
We continue to explore additional vehicle models to support for the VIVID Beta Program.  If you are not currently a Mazda CX-5 (2012 - 2016), Mazda CX-9 (2007 – 2015), Mazda 3 (2004 – 2013), Mazda 6 (2006 – 2015), Mazda MX-5 (2007 – 2015) owner, be sure to check back often as we’ll be including more compatible vehicles soon.

Fill the short application form to apply now (limited quantity)

How does it work exactly?

Your existing head-unit (a computer with a screen in your car) will be safely removed and replaced with Telenav hardware with the VIVID system installed on it. It sounds scary but it really isn't. A professional installer will do the job and they will not be doing any irreversible changes to your car. You will keep your original head-unit and we will put it back if you wish.

What is VIVID installation procedure?

In short, the process is as follows:
  1. You fill out the form and apply now (limited quantity)
  2. We analyze your car make and model.
  3. If it’s compatible, we contact you to arrange a visit to our installation facility in North San Jose.
  4. You leave the car for a couple of hours (we’ll call you an Uber if you need to be somewhere at that time);
  5. You pick up your car with the VIVID system installed, run a quick test to make sure everything works as intended;
  6. You drive as usual and enjoy your new infotainment system

What's not included?

You'll have to use your own Amazon account to have Alexa working with your VIVID system. If you want to use music streaming services (Deezer, etc.,) you'll have to use your personal accounts. We can help you with setting them up.

What is expected of me?

We want to install Aftermarket head-unit in your car, the one that you drive at least three times a week. Drive your car normally, use VIVID for everyday activities and tell us what you think.
Our research team will reach out to you to learn about your experience. We'd like you to talk to them at least once so we could take your direct feedback to improve VIVID for everyone. We'll ask you to spend at least 3 months with us so please do not apply if you plan to sell your car or give it to somebody who doesn't work at Telenav. The initiative is covered by your NDA. It's OK to show the system to your friends and family but please avoid discussing details of the initiative (plans, hardware and software configurations, etc.) with people outside the company.

How long will the program run?

The plan is to run the program for the full year.

What will happen after the program is finished?

The program will likely be extended beyond 12 months. In case we decide to wrap it up, you'll have two options:
  • To keep the head-unit*; or
  • To have your car restored to its original state. We will help you with that at no cost.
* After your program participation, Telenav may be required to remove some licensed software from the system and may discontinue support.  However, you get to keep the hardware.

What if I don't like VIVID? Can I have my old head-unit back?

Yes! After the first three months, if you don’t like the VIVID experience, contact us and we will arrange putting your original head-unit back in your car at no cost for you.

How to join?

Ready for VIVID experience? Awesome! Follow two simple steps below:
  1. Fill the short application form to apply now (limited quantity)
  2. Wait for us to review your application and get back to you about the next steps
We'll research the combination of the model year, make and model, and upgrades your car has, to determine the compatibility. If your car is compatible, we'll let you know and arrange a time for the upgrade. If not, we'll be in touch too.