Ford Specialty Nav: On Track at Work and Play

Telenav keeps Ford trucks and SUVs on course - on the job and the trails

The new lineup of 2021 Ford F-150 and the iconic Bronco are emblematic of Ford’s continued leadership in pickup truck and SUVs. These rugged vehicles have been the work horses for getting around and getting things done. “High-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body”, “advanced twin independent variable cam timing”, “standard real-locking differential” – just some of the features that describe these beasts. To that, now add, “hybrid, cloud-first navigation”, “off-road navigation”, “towing-optimized routing”.

Car buyers increasingly include technology features and the overall digital experience in their purchase decision. And automakers have a lot more they can offer on that front, including connected navigation and location-based services that make getting work done with pickups more productive and adventures in SUVs more enjoyable.

Telenav partnered with Ford to integrate cloud-first, specialized navigation into these flagship vehicles. The available hybrid navigation solution uses cloud services when connected, and proactively updates and stores maps and continues routing if adventures take drivers out of cell coverage, as part of the SYNC 4 technology available in the newly redesigned Ford F-150 and Bronco.

Additionally, the navigation includes specialized routing options for customers who are towing a trailer or off-roading, both important capabilities for these vehicles. The system guides users to routes best suited for the dimensions of their trailer to help avoid sharp turns, narrow bridges and low overpasses. Off-road enthusiasts can navigate to and on many 4X4 trails across North America.

For everyday driving, the connected navigation experience will give F-150 and Bronco owners the convenience of the latest maps for reliable, time-saving navigation and location information such as finding cheap and available parking, or a well-reviewed place to eat along the way. The navigation solution uses real-time traffic conditions to provide the fastest routes with alerts of incidences like accidents and congestions along the route. To help minimize distractions while driving, customers can use SYNC 4’s digital voice assistance for many of these features.

F-150 and Bronco customers will also have access to up-to-date landmarks and businesses in the surrounding area with their descriptions and user ratings from Yelp. Telenav’s one-box search technology makes looking up addresses and destinations simple and convenient, intelligently prioritizing results based on the user’s location and personal preferences. The navigation solution incorporates prediction service that anticipates the user’s destinations and automatically makes routing suggestions, all without the user having to enter a single word.

With the availability of technologies like these, “Built Tough” isn’t the only type of slogan for auto makers now. “Built to be Smart and Delight Users” can also be added to the mix.


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