Telenav Achieves Strategic ASPICE Level 2 Automotive Certification

As a long-time provider of location-based services for the automotive market, Telenav is now at the forefront of the connected-car revolution. As such, we understand the future of mobility means that our technology must be reliable to ensure quality and safety for all drivers. That is why our recent ASPICE® Level 2 Certification is meaningful, as it assures OEMs, and consumers alike, of our ability to provide the highest quality software for their vehicles, whether domestic or foreign. Our ASPICE Level 2 Certification is a testament to our company, as we are committed to a work environment driven by ingenuity as we continuously improve our technology to exceed industry-leading performance standards.

What exactly is ASPICE?

ASPICE, or Automotive SPICE®, certification is an integral step for software product suppliers to the automotive industry, validating the credibility of certified companies to provide the highest quality product. ASPICE analyzes the internal development processes of a product and provides an evaluation tool for automakers to use in selecting a supplier by calculating their process quality and capabilities.

Why Does It Matter?

ASPICE certification is quality assurance to the max! It guarantees Telenav software meets the rigorous global standard for safety and reliability that’s critical for developing, deploying, and sustaining automotive-grade software. In effect, it means ASPICE confirms that Telenav’s software works to specification and meets OEM product standards.

Telenav + ASPICE

Telenav’s compliance to ASPICE Level 2 Certification is a substantial achievement. It proves that our software products are:

  • Adhering to international quality standards suitable for global deployment
  • Built with automotive grade safety and reliability as the foremost priority
  • Developed using continually improving design processes

In choosing Telenav, OEMs, and their customers, are assured of receiving incredibly reliable and robust software.

The certification further solidifies Telenav’s ability to manage our processes, thus ensuring software vigor and continuous software improvement. It also assures OEMs that Telenav can provide the necessary support for its products as well as proving our efficiency and expertise in the field.

Going Global

Compliance with Automotive SPICE Level 2 Certification demonstrates that we are capable of adhering to state-of-the-art international automotive product-development standards for software and associated management processes. Not all of our competitors are able to achieve it, and it is critical to have if you want to be a supplier of automotive-grade software on an international scale.

The accomplishment is a milestone for Telenav in that it recognizes us as an accredited supplier for the European auto marketplace, where it is mandatory for OEMs to follow Automotive SPICE requirements. The requirement also has recently been expanded as a standard in Asia and the U.S.

Independent international consulting company Kugler Maag Cie, Inc. conducted the evaluation. The company is one of the most reliable and recognized independent assessment companies in the automotive industry. Their objective judgement provides OEMs with a clear picture of the status of Telenav software throughout product development.

The ASPICE Level 2 Certification now certifies what we have known for years - Telenav is  an established supplier of high-quality, reliable software products from which OEM automakers around the world can safely choose.


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