Telenav and INRIX Enhance Navigation Data in OpenStreetMap

December 13, 2016

Data from real-world drivers has already identified nearly one million navigation attributes that can improve OpenStreetMap®

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 13, 2016 - Telenav®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), a leader in connected car and location-based services, and INRIX, a leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, today announced a collaboration to accelerate improvements to OpenStreetMap (OSM). The companies are leveraging anonymous GPS probe data, in conjunction with Telenav's map data processing technology, to derive map attributes that are critical to navigation. These enhancements ensure OSM has the most accuate and up-to-date maps.

This collaborative effort will drive significant and accelerated updates to OSM by aggregating and analyzing large amounts of GPS probe data from vehicles and devices around the world to enhance traditional mapping methods.

Nearly one million navigation-related attributes, such as new or missing roads, have already been identified during the initial stage of the collaboration. With the majority of improvements applying to road networks in the United States and Europe, this data is being integrated into OSM to enhance maps for more than 100 countries with the help of the OSM community of more than 3 million contirbutors. Other navigation attributes being improved on OSM through this partnership include direction of travel and turn restrictions.

"Telenav is a major proponent of advancing OpenStreetMap to become an even more comprehensive map. Our partnership with INRIX further extends our map data processing platform for augmenting OSM to power rich driver experiences," said Philipp Kandal, VP of Automotive Engineering and OSM for Telenav. "We are very excited about the early results of combining Telenav data and technology with INRIX's vast probe data sources, and already see great increases in OSM quality and utility."

"One significant challenge to building a quality navigation map is sourcing and applying sizable quantities of precise, up-to-date data. Amassing the volume of data required to accelerate map development is one of our strengths," said Mark Daymond, Chief Technology Officer at INRIX. "We are proud to be part of this joint initiative with Telenav to support the advancement of OpenStreetMap into a robust, accurate resource for a wider breadth of location-based applications."


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