VIVID NAV // Personalized
a Personalized, Contextual, Handsfree Experience

A great user experience anticipates user needs. VIVID Nav hits the mark by delivering a personalized and context-driven experience. It's voice-enabled to be driving friendly.


Keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

VIVID Nav comes ready with human-like voice interactions. Simply ask, "How's the traffic to work?" or "When's my next turn?" or "Are there coffee shops nearby?" It also hears commands like, "Drive to the hospital."

These are few examples of how you can deliver a safe, personalized and even fun user experiences with your in-car navigation applications.


Over 60% of interactions with navigation start with search.

VIVID Nav search takes all relevant information (e.g., user preferences, past behaviors and history, date and time, location, what's nearby and popularity of search results) to predictively suggest search terms with minimal user input. It includes seamless integration with popular content sources, like Yelp, to help users make the right choice.

When the car is offline, intelligent caching provides stored search results.


No more entering multiple boxes when searching for a destination.

Our simple, yet powerful, search supports over 200 input patterns letting users search for what they need - an address, a landmark, a business, and many other ways that describe a destination. It works even when the car is offline, using search results that have been intelligently cached.


VIVID Nav takes ease-of-use one step further.

VIVID Nav features Predictive Cards. These are timely, personalized notices that proactively anticipate user needs.

Cards capture everything, ranging from traffic alerts and better routes on their way to the gym, to their usual coffee order on the morning commute, to directions to nearby gas stations when they’re low on gas.

Search &

Add predictive features to your own location-based service.

VIVID Nav search and prediction services are also available as standalone SDKs that you can integrate with other navigation and location-based services to make them contextual and personalized.


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